BES League Week #2

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BES League Week #2

Post  butterfly*** on Sun Jan 01, 2012 8:15 pm

Matches up for week #1:
1.)Butterfly*** vs Genin-jiraiya
2.)SoeNyeinOO vs Immortaldante
3.)Death_lord090 vs 4-2-itachi
4.)Kaungzeya vs Funnyboylay
5.)Aksha11289 vs Akatsuki-zhuang
6.)Lucky2 vs Zxc1992

The date limited is Sunday(2.1.12) to Saturday(8.1.12).

Matches up for week #2:
1.)Butterfly*** vs Immortaldante
2.)SoeNyeinOO vs 4-2-itachi
3.)Death_lord090 vs Funnyboylay
4.)Kaungzeya vs Akatsuki-zhuang
5.)Akash11289 vs Lucky2
6.)Zxc1992 vs Genin-jiraiya

The date limited is Sunday(9.1.12) to Saturday(15.1.12).


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