Clan Ranks Updated (10/19/2011)

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Clan Ranks Updated (10/19/2011)

Post  -BES- on Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:18 pm

Clan Ranks are Updated In 10/19/2011 Due to many conditions.Here is the current lists.

Also announced by the clan leader in our FB Group

"Coz of Bad connection, the tournament is stopped temporary....
I will announce to continue after the con is reaching to normal situation...
Our 1st goal of becoming Top 100 is not very easy to get at this rate of connection during these days...Then i reduce the captain members so u all can play the ladder freely..
After reaching Top 100 ( lvl 41 ) , i will give back your all original dun worry about the rank and dun ask for the rank from now ... Smile
Let's do grab that goal slowly and steadily Elite du ~ !!!!"

By Burma Elite Shinobi Leader

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