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Top 10 Teams

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Top teams
1.Kidoumaru Gai Tayuya
2.Kidoumaru Jirobo Tayuya
3.Kisame BD(S) Shodai Lee(S)
4.Kidoumaru Demon Brothers Chyo(S)
5.Kidoumaru Gai Itachi BD(S)
6.Sasuke(S) Gai Shino(S)
7.4 tails(S) Deidara(S) Kiba
8.Neji (S) Itachi Chyo(S)
9.Kidoumaru Sennin Naruto(S) Inoichi(S)
10.Ibiki (S) Juugo(S) Ino
Team 1
This is a very good and old team which can produce a nasty surprise to your opponent.
For example from the battle from this morning with a jinchuuriki(i woned):
In the first turn my opponent used White Secret Attack Taijutsu Rampage on Tayuya.Next turn,because i had 2 ninjutsu and 1 genjutsu i used Doki Demons.He puted Chyo invulnerable,hoping to a Sanbou Kyuukai on Chyo next turn.But i did not used still the counter.After his turn(he puted Chyo invulnerable) i had 1 taijutsu 1 bloodline and 2 ninjutsu and i killed Ino(cause she is a nasty stunner).30(Doki Demons)+50(Golden Arrow)+30(Strong Whirlwind)=120.After,only with Oro(S)-70 health and Chyo-85 health against Kidoumaru-100,Gai-100,Tayuya-70 he surrendered.So,if possible,use Doki Demons and after Kidoumaru&Gai combination.You can use Gai's counter....Your opponent will try to stun Gai,so be carefull all the time.
Team 2
Kidoumaru-Jirobo-Tayuya is a basic AoE team,and in the same time a very strong AoE.
Doki Demons+Earth Seal Mud Cannonbal=- 50 health for your enemy.So,here is an interesant thing:You can use as well as like another Kidoumaru teams the combo Doki Demons+Golden Arrow+Earth Seal Mud Cannonbal.I recommend this team at least for the begginers.
Team 3
This team is used at high level-class.Is an partial AoE.When Birth of the Trees is used on you,you will not feel good.He can make an charachter like 4 tails or Shigure unused.
Explosive Water Shock Wave is a bad skill for your opponent,if he has in his team characters like Kin,Inoichi,Chyo etc. During this skill Kisame's skills are costless,so try to atack him and stun him(if your stun is psyhical and chakra this is wonderfull).
Lee's heal is a good heal,especially against other Aoe Team.
Is a good team,which can reverse many situations.
Team 4
This is the most controversial team now.That for Chain Wrap,which make DB invulnerable to ranged skill and they ignore stuns for 3 turn.This skill is good against Aoe.Here is a combo Chyo(any attack)+Blanded Gauntlet+Golden Arrow,which deal at least 100 damage to your opponent,and you do not nedd more than 5 chakra,between one to be bloodline and one ninjutsu.
Team 5
Here is it my +27 streak teams.It work great at low levels,cause of the counters.You can use Finger Genjutsu,Counter Punch....At least in every turn you should have a counter.But here is a trick:Many opponents are using Naruto,Sasuke etc.(chakra skill users).When they see Itachi BD,they will atack Itachi in 90%from the cases. You may use Genjutsu Reversal,which will produce a big boom for your opponent.
Team 6
This is an another counter team,but more strong,and the best counter team in my oppinion.You can use 3 counters,and every counter is very powerful.Sasuke(S)'s counter will make a bad life for AoE team,Shino(S)'s counter is unpredictable,and Gai's skills is nasty,because is as well unpredictable.You need to have a good accuracy and care if you play against this team.You can use it as a streak team.
Team 7
This team is an good Aoe,which can do more wins for you,but the situation is very bad if you meet counters,especially Neji(S),which has a 2-turns-counter which will counter 4 tails(S) and Deidara(S)skills,which cost a lot of chakra.The most nasty team which you can meet if you use this team is Neji(S),Sasuke(S),Inoichi(S).I do not recommend this team at high levels.
Team 8
It is a good team,cause is not clashing and has almost all effects:Drain,Affliction,Stun,Spike,Counter etc.I used his teams many times in PB's.What to say?Do not put amaterasu on the charachters from which should be removed(in the case if your opponent has Sakura(S)or Shizune in his team.).Make the best desicion when are you puting the Stun,and if your Opponent has chakra-skill-characters in his team,you should use Chakra Disruption.
Team 9
This is maybe a good team,which work best at low levels,as a streak team.The main combo is Golden Arrow+Frog Kata Kick+Telepathy which deal 100 damage for 1 taijutsu,1 bloodline ,1 ninjutsu and 1 random.After you used Frog Kata Kick,use if possible next turn Rasengan Barrage and after you will can use again the combo.My advice:Do not use Natural Energy Assault if is not necessary.Rasenshuriken is not in the main combo,even if is quite good.If you are lucky,you have the battle woned after 1-2 turns(you killed and enemy and is like the game started with 3 vs 2).
Team 10
And,finnaly,the last team.It is a full stun team,which can put your opponent in a big trouble.Keep chakra 1-2 turns and after do your best.

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