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Clan History

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BES is the first Burma Clan in Myanmar.We need only Burma Players.Our clan is pure Burma(Myanmar)100%.We all welcome Burma Players.
2.About Us

Chapter 1(Formed The First Burma Clan)

BES is the first Burma(Myanmar) clan.It abt 4 years ago Genin-Jiraiya, louisflame and zog are very close friends.3 of them are from Akatsuki Organization clan.Then they decide to have a only Burma clan.Then,they formed the Konoha Country Clan.But the leader Genin-Jiraiya don’t like the name and he’s found the new name Burma Elite Shinobi(BES).BES is start with Genin-Jiraiya,Louisflame88,jinu,tearlessrain,Ga3a,badbabyemo.Now all of them are retired.When BES is start we have only 3 characters page not like now Wink.We tried our best and reach today.We all are alive still today,not like others.

Chapter 2(Our Clan Nearly Destory)

We try our clan to improve wity all Naruto-Arena works.Then we need to find GFXer.So we found the guy called Death_Lord090.He do a lot of GFXes Work and also clan thread.But after a few months Death_Lord090,Immortaldante,Shearwall leave BES and formed a new clan called Gods Of Shinobi(DKJ).But now that clan is dead(unactive).Then ImmortalDante come back to BES and now he is retired.Then many members are retired and we are finding new members to came back alive.

Chapter 3(BES Return)

When BES is Nearly dead Orc-kun, ayehlaingmin,Immortaldante and Genin-Jiraiya, try to become clan better.So we finding hard to have a good and loyal player.So we found Mgkaungmyat223 from a clan called (Gil Aldarsh).When we found a loyal shinobi call Mgkaungmyat223.We him we call him to BES to give loyal to us.Then we launch Clan War with Espada-Force.We win and we have an another good-player butterfly***.Then Legendary-Uchia leader crisispunk is so sad abt his clan LU.Because his clan have only 4 good player.So LU leader and his 2 faithfull member will join to BES.And BES become more stronger and stronger.

Chapter 4 ( The Fallen But The Reborn )

After the BES become stronger , clan leader Genin – Jiraiya has some case and he retired . So We call back the Butterfly*** and give the duty of Genin to Butty and Orccy . After Genin leave our former player found that we need him and Shearwall come back and join us . Then BES became more struggling because our genius player Orccy is retired . But because we are lucky we found the new striker FunnyBoyLay . He found his new HS and HL . And he bring the BES to higher and higher . Then Kaungzeya and the group join us to improve the BES . So BES is still keep on running .

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